the talking dream

I remember the first time I heard my voice on my father’s mini-tape recorder. I was about four, singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. It sounded so strange. He’d taped me just minutes before, but I still questioned if it was really me. Although we live in these modern times full of videos, I’ve managed to avoid them. Not even our wedding made it to VHS or DVD or HD or whatever they’re calling it today. So, imagine how I felt when I sat down and watched myself sharing my story,  The Talking Dream, at Listen to Your Mother.

A few comments:

1.) Bangs don’t translate well with overhead lights.
2.) My hands move in a way that makes me uncomfortable.
3.) I play with my wedding band obsessively.
4.) I’m not a pretty crier.
5.) All this, and I’m still proud.

Check out the rest of the cast — I shared the stage with a talented crew!
Love, Jess

3 thoughts on “the talking dream

  1. Love you Torrey Family. It sucks. Not hearing our kids voices and not ‘knowing’ what is wrong or what they like or don’t like. (I pray that Mac liked Harry Potter for goodness sakes I read it to him twice!) (-:

    I know this. Jack is loved. And he is part of the best family ever. I can hear his words and they say ‘I LOVE YOU FAMILY!’ (-: (-: (-:

    the murrays


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