MCATS, NYU, Old School Vinyl and Duct Tape

hApPy NeW yEaR!!!!

Less than a week into 2021, and our family is starting out strong.

Anna completed her junior year at Johns Hopkins a semester early, so she’s taking next semester off to study for the MCATS. Not really sure what that means other than she’s ordered $600 worth of books, has a very organized looking study schedule, and is getting closer to her dream. We couldn’t be prouder of our girl.

I’ve started my MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little overwhelmed, but figure the years are moving along anyway — I might as well start a new career. And, following the past year(s), our world is craving better mental health and wellness. I want to help however I can. Yesterday was my first class and I was impressed with my classmates and, although I am quite a bit older than most, I hope I can bring a little “experience” to the table.

Dan is still a crypto currency guy, but has recently taking on a new title — podcaster. Dan (now going by Danny T 😏) and two of his music-loving buddies (and one exceptional college student/head engineer/executive producer) have started a podcast called Old School Vinyl. I’ve gotta say — I’m impressed. It’s like you get a sneak peek into the late night, bourbon soaked, music conversations I’ve been hearing for the last 28 years. Funny and filled with random music history and stories. If you like classic rock or remember your first live concert fondly or like to hear grown men debate the greatest bands — this is your new favorite podcast!

Jack continues to be the glue — or duct tape — that holds our family together during this crazy time. He’s constantly reminding us that life is better with a smile on your face and that nothing is so bad, as long as we are doing well and we have ample toilet paper. He’s been busy going to Universal Institute remotely, enjoying walks with Dad, bad TV with Anna and gets to spend loads of time with Maria and her beautiful family (part of our pod).

So, I’m not sure if Dry January is going to happen at our house or I will continue to cook only lean meats and vegetables, but I’m happy with our 2021 progress so far. 

I know it’s only Day 6 . . . and we did have pizza last night for dinner. Frozen pizza.

Love, Jess

2 thoughts on “MCATS, NYU, Old School Vinyl and Duct Tape

  1. Unbelievable!!! My jaw is dropping! How is it that Anna finished junior year already?!?
    I’m so so proud of you Jesse Torrey! You have and always will be an inspiration to me.
    Tell Dan I’m Stoked!! Just subscribed to Podcast and do look forward to listening cause I love those music conversations with him & hope Matt is a guest cause those 2 are great a talking music

    I’m hoping to move forward this year with something good that I can share. Because
    this ( my current situation ) is getting old!
    Thank you for the inspiration
    Love, from your Non blood sister in law 😉❤️

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