I’m pretty sure all of us feel that 2016 hasn’t been quite what we expected. Years rarely live up to their promises, but this year has been particularly tough. So many heartbreaking losses. And, I don’t just mean the folks we see in the headlines – several close friends lost parents and I know of too many parents who have lost their children (I hate ALD). There has also been horrible violence, both in this country and abroad, and I am not sure anyone would have predicted what would happen to our political landscape.

I tend to be a “glass half-full” person, so as we welcome 2017, I’m going to remain optimistic. I am counting on no unexpected losses and keep reminding myself that we are a strong country – filled with amazing people. We will survive. And, as always, I hope that this new year is full of good times and happy experiences for our family and friends.

I wrote a long list of memories for the year, but decided that it’s way more fun to show you. Here’s what life looked like for us in 2016.


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Our lives might be a little complicated, but we try to make the most of it. That’s the way we like it!! Goodbye 2016!!

Love, Jess

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