Back and Better than Before (for a little while anyway)

One benefit of having a crisis is that you really appreciate life when it’s over.
We may never know what caused my strange case of Parotitis (it actually has a name), but it’s finally gone. Not before it invited a few friends in the form of a rash which covered my chest, neck and started crawling up my face AND then there was the super fun swelling around my eyes. I went to Urgent Care two times and an ENT once and no one seemed entirely clear about why it was happening, but some steroids, antibiotics and a wonderful assortment of Young Living essential oils and I seem to be on the mend. I woke up yesterday morning and was not startled by what was looking back at me in the mirror. Yippee!!

I spent yesterday exercising, tackling the large pile of paper on my desk and buying almost $300 on health food at the grocery store. I’ve also been in the greatest mood.I think that Parotitis has actually given me the kick in the ass I might have needed to get back on track. There is something about feeling lousy that makes you really appreciate feeling good.


The King of Appreciating Life

Of corse JackO is the King of appreciating life. No one I’ve ever known embraces life with his gusto. He wakes up happy and lives with his magical smile whether I am feeding him Able Baker cupcakes or cutting his nails. He’s not a huge fan of getting shaved or putting on his leg braces, but even then, he recovers quickly and pops right back into Jack mode. Perhaps he has collected every bit of his bad days and is now getting a chance to just enjoy the rest. I love you Jack and I am right along side you this week. At least until the car breaks down or I need to deal with Social Security again or Finn starts barking.

Love, Jess

I wrote this last night and woke up having lost the feeling. I guess steroids do affect sleep. And when I did manage to get back to sleep, I had a strange dream where I was hanging out with the cast of Vanderpump Rules and I lost my keys while walking across a very high bridge (it was Adriana’s fault). I need some Jack hugs to get back in gear!!!!

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