Rehabilitate the Gait can wait


I’m not going to lie. When I wrote yesterday’s post I was feeling a little blue. I was wishing that I could just snap my fingers and have Jack bust out of his new, annoying habit. But then, we went to the beach and I noticed that his gait on the sand had more steps than hops. I credit the input of the sand against my “sensory sensitive” boy’s feet, but I also think that Jack knew his mama needed a break. We had a great day and a delicious dinner overlooking the ocean. By bedtime, I had safely returned to my “glass is half full” perspective.

And, the fact is, Jack is still walking. He is completely mobile, it just requires more assistance and a lot of patience to get him around. Our family has been spoiled. Although we needed to modify our activities to make them Jack friendly, we could navigate this new life with ease. Now, it takes a lot of time — and hops. Worrying about this new complication being permanent will not help. Besides, we’re on vacation. We can refocus on Rehabilitate the Gait in September.

Attempting to avoid reopening my can of worries, when we were planning today’s activities we kept away from anything requiring many steps. A bike ride seemed like the perfect solution. Jack on a bike may sound like an unusual choice, but we have a BuddyBike and a dad who has been working hard to build his muscles so that he can manage peddling his boy around the island.

If you wonder why we are able to stay positive even when worrying about new challenges – take a peek at this video. Life is pretty darn good. The Buddybike is part of our duct tape!

Love, Jess

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