Jack’s Graduation

First there was a pandemic that stole Jack’s last three months of high school. Then we were told that instead of a traditional graduation, there would be an “At Home” ceremony. Then it rained on the scheduled date. I was starting to think that nature was determined to completely ruin the end of senior year for our boy.

BUT the “At Home” graduation turned out to be an unbelievable day. 

Check out Jack getting his diploma!

Watching Jack as he excepted his diploma and Pillar High School’s Presidential Award was beautiful and then seeing his eyes widen every time he saw another friend arrived, warmed our hearts. After the ceremony, he wandered around the driveway reuniting with so many people he adores – IN PERSON. 

We did break some rules. 

Everyone wore masks and there was plenty of Purell, but there were more than 25 people on our driveway. And, there were hugs – LOTS of hugs. We couldn’t help it. It’s been three months since Jack has gotten to see these folks in the flesh and pulling him off of them seemed like torture, so we gave in (a little). 

After the celebration, we blew kisses to everyone as they drove away, and we put Jack directly into the pool — figuring the chlorine would kill off any germs. He sat on his favorite float as Anna swam him around. He had his hands claps behind his head and was all smiles, like he was reliving his fun day. Later in the afternoon we had another surprise when Peter arrived, bottle of champagne in hand, to toast to our boy’s latest accomplishment. What a perfect way to wrap up the day!

Jack’s life is complicated and there are many things he can’t do, but he has an exceptional ability to connect to people. Yesterday was proof that you don’t need to speak or write or be able to feed/bathe/toilet yourself to have a wonderful life full of people who smile every time you walk into a room (or onto the asphalt).

Thank you to everyone who made the day special and to Pillar High School for 7 unbelievable years of learning, growing and licking. I know that we are now not officially part of the Pillar Care Continuum, but I know in my heart, that our connection is not over just yet.

Love, Jess

14 thoughts on “Jack’s Graduation

  1. Thank you for sharing Jacks graduation celebration….it looked awesome and All the smiles and hugs brought a lovely smile to me….you all are amazing folks. ♥️🎈🎂🎉🎓🥰

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  2. In tears….happy tears
    Congratulations to my Sweet Jacko!
    You all look absolutely wonderful, healthy and happy!
    Much love and safe hugs
    Aunt Darcy


  3. Jessie, it was a wonderful day for all of us to celebrate with Jack for his accomplishment! It’s always an honor to me to have opportunity to work with them and have you all entrust us for your wonderful son. As we have said, this is not an end to Jack’s relationship with Pillar/Horizon High school, it’s a new beginning stage of his life journey. Once a family always a family, Jack is and will always be part of this big family. Take care and please give Jack our hugs and kisses! I am going to miss his daily surprise visits.

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  4. Jess, this was SO wonderful to see and read!!! I’m just so happy for you all. It’s been such a HUGE part of Jack’s life (and all of yours). I’ve only been reading about it for a few years but feel such a part of this journey and I am celebrating with you!!! I’m so glad you got to reunite and celebrate with so many, such a milestone deserved such a celebration!! 💙💙


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