our relationship in 100 words

As the music plays, I lay my head on his shoulder and feel his breath on my face. I wrap my arm around him so I can stroke his hair and wonder when he’ll lose the rest. He doesn’t seem to know that he’s aged, but the years have come and gone and he’s showing signs of a complicated life. He loves this song. I can tell by the way his body is rocking. He’s not been able to speak for many years, but I’m able to translate. Our connection is deeper than the scars his disease has left behind.

12 thoughts on “our relationship in 100 words

  1. With tears rolling down my cheeks, I feel your love for Jack as I’m sure he does too. Your words are beautiful! You are an incredible human being.


  2. This made my heart so full! I am in awe of your love, strength and ability to articulate your emotional connection to Jack. I have learned so much from you and families like yours in my journey as a nurse. Jack was just a little boy when I met you! Where have the years gone? Stay safe during these difficult times and please hug that beautiful young man for me!
    Anne Mattaliano XO


  3. I love you and am grateful for you in my life. Your words touch me so deeply. The way in which you walk beside your now adult son is beyond beautiful.


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