Holidays + COVID = 0

Not sure how I can feel so exhausted when I do so little. Each morning I write a list of what I hope to accomplish. Some days go by where I don’t complete anything, so I return to the list and add things like — shower, walk the dogs, feed Jack — just so I can cross a couple of things off the list. With the holidays around the corner, my daily list gets longer and less seems to be getting done. Today, instead of Christmas shopping for the family, I ordered some bras and an eyebrow kit (not even sure what that is).

Love, Jess

2 thoughts on “Holidays + COVID = 0

  1. 🤪🤣Feeling ya on this Jess!
    At least you care enough to still want to wear a new Bra! 🤣
    I feeling tired all the time, walking in circles,
    putting stuff in order then out if order…
    I feel guilt not really being employed and no sense Of purpose..
    But am volunteering a lot and helping the Seniors in my mom’s community.
    I MISS Seeing all of YOU IN PERSON.
    Do what you can, but don’t judge yourself by what you haven’t checked off the list.
    I need to do the same!


  2. Well, the little victories are important too! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my life too. I try to find the things that help make me happier, and that helps. I hope you find sources of happiness this month.


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