Rainbows and Unicorn(s)

Life isn’t always just rainbows and unicorns, but it is today. Happy Halloween everybody!


CPNJ (now Pillar Care Continuum – new name, same great organization) does it again! Their annual Trunk or Treats got rained out, but that didn’t stop the treats or the fun.


I was feeling pretty proud about creating a great costume for our boy until Jack’s buddy rolled into the room. The award for GREATEST COSTUME EVER goes to Ben! Sorry JackO – you get second place;)


Love, Jess

Jack-O is . . . a punk rocker!

Jack left for school this morning with a big smile on his face and a large mohawk on his head. By all accounts he rocked his way through the halls of Horizon High School and returned home with the “Most Creative Costume” award.

Any time you are feeling sorry for Jack and his complicated life, look at this picture.



Love, Jess